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A Ray of Sunshine in Belarus – Rae’s Journey (Chapter 6)

As I’ve mentioned before, it was illegal for us to share the Good News of Jesus with children under 15.

Bringing Hope to Russia

Joy’s vision is to provide a future and a hope for the underprivileged people of Russia. For over 18 years

My Journey by Rae Hussey – Chapter 5

Communist countries are not usually places of trust. Over many decades, communists have been trained to report those who are

My Journey by Rae Hussey – Chapter 4

As I questioned friends about the whereabouts of orphanages, it became very apparent that nobody knew where, or how, to

Moved to action for Russia

We started supporting our missions worker and their work in Russia after meeting them during World Impact Week 2009. Sometimes

My Journey by Rae Hussey – Chapter 3

By April 1999, I was sure that the Lord had a place for me in Belarus. It was a long

My Journey by Rae Hussey – Chapter 2

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it? As I look back over twelve years, to the time before I left