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For the Kingdom: Understanding the Times We Live In

Last week we looked at the story of Queen Esther and how she was called to have an impact in

FOR THE KINGDOM Part 4: Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God

Sometimes, when we look at the injustice in the world, we can be tempted to complain. “If only we had

FOR THE KINGDOM Part 3: What is the Kingdom of God?

We tend to think of Kingdom in impersonal terms as a realm, a domain to be ruled over, and a

FOR THE KINGDOM Part 2: Why Can’t God Mend a Broken World?

God can change the world.  He is all powerful, all knowing and all seeing.  He is King of creation and

FOR THE KINGDOM Part 1: What Would You Do If You Ruled The World?

Have you ever mused, in a moment of megalomania, about what would you do if you ruled the world?  Capitalism

OUR MISSION PART 5: Empowering Churches Across Cultures to impact unreached people FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD

The World Impact Missions statement ends with the short phrase ‘…for the kingdom of God.’  In our time, kingdom seems

OUR MISSION PART 3: Empowering Churches ACROSS CULTURES to Impact Unreached People for the Kingdom of God

Have you ever had a cultural misunderstanding?   I remember once preaching in India from Isaiah 11.  The passage describes seven

Our Mission Pt2 – Empowering CHURCHES Across Cultures to Impact unreached People for the Kingdom of God

‘Churches’ is the 2nd word in our World Impact mission statement. Missiologist Peter Wagner claims that planting new churches is

Our Mission Part 1: Empowering churches across cultures to impact unreached people for the Kingdom of God

World Impact’s Mission Statement is: “Empowering churches across cultures to impact unreached people.”” In this blog post we look at

Who is My Global Neighbour?

Every night our brains can be afflicted with a barrage of images from around the world—particularly if we watch the