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New Support Leader for South India

World Impact would like to introduce Jarrod Truscott as the Support Leader for South India. Jarrod had the unique experience

Ministry in East Malaysia during COVID-19

Ministry in East Malaysia is going strong even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s an update from CityLife Missions Partner Michael

Generosity During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global crisis leaving no nation untouched. Everyone’s daily rhythm has been dramatically affected and many

New Support Leader for Adrian & Jo Murley in Bali

World Impact would like to introduce ERNEST WONG as the Support Leader for Bali (Adrian & Jo Murley). Ernest has

Hope in the Hills

Robyn & I made a trip to Bali in July 2019 to visit Adrian & Jo Murley.  It was an opportunity for us to catch up with them and experience what their ministry is like. From their outreach in Nusa Dua (provincial capital of Bali) to the Hope School for the Compassion Kids Program & Water Tanks Projects up the mountains in Munduk, we had a look at all the things that they’re doing.

New Support Leaders for Rayma Ray

Both Gideon & Anny grew up in Indonesia, got married and moved to Melbourne in 2001, and are blessed with

Trash Mountain in Bali

  Bali – more to just the sights of Bali as a popular tourist destination. Robyn Baust and I had

Trip to Sarawak, Malaysia

In early July this year, Michael (a CityLife World Impact endorsed missions worker and founder of 3Ce Ministry), Collin (volunteer

My Support Journey

My involvement with the CityLife missions partners Ken & Rayma Tracy began in 2001. I had just started attending CityLife and was in a Life Group. A request came through to the Life Group saying that the Tracy’s needed a support coordinator. I put my hand up and this story began.

My Life Group leader said, ‘Please make sure you communicate with them’. They were in a very remote region so I began communicating with them over the internet. Ken (now deceased) was rapt to hear from me, and we began talking on a regular, almost daily basis. He introduced me to Rayma his wife, and their two school aged daughters.

One Heart Church – Canggu

One Heart Church has been invited to assume responsibility of a small outreach project in another expat community in Bali. The project is essentially a missional community of 20-40 people who are looking for pastoral leadership, a church connection and legal covering.