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Larger Space Better Access

The year was 2009, when the Lord opened a door for us to pioneer an urban church in partnership with

From Nurse to Church Planter

This is Tola, he works as a nurse in Ethiopia and was part of our main city campus. In 2018

My Support Journey

My involvement with the CityLife missions partners Ken & Rayma Tracy began in 2001. I had just started attending CityLife and was in a Life Group. A request came through to the Life Group saying that the Tracy’s needed a support coordinator. I put my hand up and this story began.

My Life Group leader said, ‘Please make sure you communicate with them’. They were in a very remote region so I began communicating with them over the internet. Ken (now deceased) was rapt to hear from me, and we began talking on a regular, almost daily basis. He introduced me to Rayma his wife, and their two school aged daughters.

One Heart Church – Canggu

One Heart Church has been invited to assume responsibility of a small outreach project in another expat community in Bali. The project is essentially a missional community of 20-40 people who are looking for pastoral leadership, a church connection and legal covering.

One Heart Church, Bali

One Heart Church Bali is the new international church in Bali led by Adrian & Joanna Murley. This is also