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Larger Space Better Access

The year was 2009, when the Lord opened a door for us to pioneer an urban church in partnership with

Breaking Poverty

In addition to reconciling people to God, one of our major objectives at CityLife International Church in Ethiopia has been empowering people to overcome poverty. Poverty is a day to day challenge for millions of people in Ethiopia. We minister to a lot of people who live in extreme poverty.

In 2014, we conducted a three day seminar entitled ‘Creating Jobs & Breaking Poverty’.  It was a very practical three day seminar with workshops, testimonies and coaching.  It was meant to unlock people’s potential by convincing them that God has placed in side of them enormous potential and capacity.

Yuliana’s Story

Surgeon James Leong checks on Yuliana

All over the world, CityLife’s missions partners share the love of God both through word and action. In 2009, Rayma Tracy our partner in Timor encountered a young girl name Yuliana who was in a dire situation where a facial tumour had grown to the point that it was threatening her life. The remoteness of this region meant that she had no access to the medical help that she so desperately needed. Thanks to the efforts of Rayma, members of CityLife Church and the medical team at Dandenong Hospital, Yuliana was able to receive the urgent medical attention she needed and today, she lives a healthy normal life. What an amazing testimony of what we can accomplish when we each play the part that God has positioned us for.

Here’s Yuliana’s full story told by Rayma…