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As we continue our journey of serving the communities through our ministry in India, I wanted to take a moment

DFN: Mourning Turned to Joy

With poverty comes hopelessness. With the inability to provide comes desperation. Orphaned at a young age, *Jyva’s relatives decided to

DFN: Telehealth Clinics for Rural Communities

We are delighted to announce that we now have 44 functioning telehealth clinics, providing healthcare and social support for impoverished

DFN – Jaya’s Story

At just 14, Jaya’s life shattered. Poor and illiterate, her family faced a financial crisis exacerbated by job loss due

From Nurse to Church Planter

This is Tola, he works as a nurse in Ethiopia and was part of our main city campus. In 2018

My Support Journey

My involvement with the CityLife missions partners Ken & Rayma Tracy began in 2001. I had just started attending CityLife and was in a Life Group. A request came through to the Life Group saying that the Tracy’s needed a support coordinator. I put my hand up and this story began.

My Life Group leader said, ‘Please make sure you communicate with them’. They were in a very remote region so I began communicating with them over the internet. Ken (now deceased) was rapt to hear from me, and we began talking on a regular, almost daily basis. He introduced me to Rayma his wife, and their two school aged daughters.

Small Projects Transforming Lives

CityLife World Impact has 16 field partners in 10 nations across the globe, ministering holistically to the communities surrounding the mission field. Individuals who have stepped out to help break the cycle of poverty in disadvantaged communities, helping to give hope and purpose with the message of God’s love.

Many of us can quickly bring to mind and image of someone experiencing hardship or challenges in life. The challenge is often not knowing who may need help, it is taking action to do something about it. Whether we have seen this need in a picture or in person, the reality is that we can each do something, and become a part of the solution; placing our piece of the jigsaw.

God Phone Hack

It was Wednesday 25th October 2017 and we are about 11 days from the launch of the new International service in partnership with Abbalove Church and CityLife Church. It was around 6:15pm, Jo was out, Beth and I were at home.

Jo had been gone for a while and I was getting a bit concerned where she was so I thought I would just send her a txt message to see how she was. What was to happen next was the most amazing thing and something that has really pointed us to the fact that God has an amazing plan and He invites us all to be a part of that with Him.

Yuliana’s Story

Surgeon James Leong checks on Yuliana

All over the world, CityLife’s missions partners share the love of God both through word and action. In 2009, Rayma Tracy our partner in Timor encountered a young girl name Yuliana who was in a dire situation where a facial tumour had grown to the point that it was threatening her life. The remoteness of this region meant that she had no access to the medical help that she so desperately needed. Thanks to the efforts of Rayma, members of CityLife Church and the medical team at Dandenong Hospital, Yuliana was able to receive the urgent medical attention she needed and today, she lives a healthy normal life. What an amazing testimony of what we can accomplish when we each play the part that God has positioned us for.

Here’s Yuliana’s full story told by Rayma…

Alcohol and Rope

Brett and Justine Wiltshire are National Directors of Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries (AAOM), national church planting movement that reaches out to Aboriginal communities in the outback as well as urban areas. They travel all across Australia, setting vision, encouraging pastors, ministering at their churches, speaking into their lives and supporting the pastors in any way they can. On a visit to CityLife Church, Brett shared some remarkable stories of the redemptive power of God. One can be found here, and here’s another one: