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Generosity During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global crisis leaving no nation untouched. Everyone’s daily rhythm has been dramatically affected and many

New Support Leader for Adrian & Jo Murley in Bali

World Impact would like to introduce ERNEST WONG as the Support Leader for Bali (Adrian & Jo Murley). Ernest has

Hope in the Hills

Robyn & I made a trip to Bali in July 2019 to visit Adrian & Jo Murley.  It was an opportunity for us to catch up with them and experience what their ministry is like. From their outreach in Nusa Dua (provincial capital of Bali) to the Hope School for the Compassion Kids Program & Water Tanks Projects up the mountains in Munduk, we had a look at all the things that they’re doing.

Trash Mountain in Bali

  Bali – more to just the sights of Bali as a popular tourist destination. Robyn Baust and I had

One Heart Church – Canggu

One Heart Church has been invited to assume responsibility of a small outreach project in another expat community in Bali. The project is essentially a missional community of 20-40 people who are looking for pastoral leadership, a church connection and legal covering.

One Heart Church, Bali

One Heart Church Bali is the new international church in Bali led by Adrian & Joanna Murley. This is also

God Phone Hack

It was Wednesday 25th October 2017 and we are about 11 days from the launch of the new International service in partnership with Abbalove Church and CityLife Church. It was around 6:15pm, Jo was out, Beth and I were at home.

Jo had been gone for a while and I was getting a bit concerned where she was so I thought I would just send her a txt message to see how she was. What was to happen next was the most amazing thing and something that has really pointed us to the fact that God has an amazing plan and He invites us all to be a part of that with Him.

Water tanks, schools and visitors from home

CityLife Church has missions partners working in 9 regions of the world. In January 2017, Adrian & Jo Murley with their daughter Beth went out from our church community to minister in Bali. Here’s an update from them on some of the things they have done this year…

Life Group Adopts Bali Mission


New Life Group shows it’s never too soon or too small to make a start supporting missions…

Hi, we are very small new Life Group (Raymond, Mark, Jackie and Harris) at CityLife Church but we believe in giving practical expression to our Christianity. That’s part of our philosophy of being a Life Group and so we are supporting CityLife World Impact.

We know there are many other Life Groups which have been doing this on a much bigger scale for much longer  than us, but I guess our message is,  “It’s never too soon or too small to make a start.”