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Supporting Kathy Together

We met Kathy from South Asia and were very touched by her story and passion to serve God in a

Life Group Adopts Bali Mission


New Life Group shows it’s never too soon or too small to make a start supporting missions…

Hi, we are very small new Life Group (Raymond, Mark, Jackie and Harris) at CityLife Church but we believe in giving practical expression to our Christianity. That’s part of our philosophy of being a Life Group and so we are supporting CityLife World Impact.

We know there are many other Life Groups which have been doing this on a much bigger scale for much longer  than us, but I guess our message is,  “It’s never too soon or too small to make a start.”

Local Missions Initiatives in Ethiopia

Paulos Djini, who leads CityLife International Church (our church plant in Ethiopia) has a vision for the church to have