Life Group Adopts Bali Mission


New Life Group shows it’s never too soon or too small to make a start supporting missions…

Hi, we are very small new Life Group (Raymond, Mark, Jackie and Harris) at CityLife Church but we believe in giving practical expression to our Christianity. That’s part of our philosophy of being a Life Group and so we are supporting CityLife World Impact.

We know there are many other Life Groups which have been doing this on a much bigger scale for much longer  than us, but I guess our message is,  “It’s never too soon or too small to make a start.”

We are going to support the mission of Adrian and Jo Murley in Bali. This is because we know them and have a very good idea of what they are going to do. Also, of course, we respect them very much. We know that they are fully committed to this mission.

We are supporting them at the moment through finance and prayer. Our financial contribution is very small, but when we heard there was an unforeseen expense at Global Church, the church in Bali that they will be working with, we each decided to donate $25 to help out.

Adrian and Jo’s work in Bali is multi-faceted. As well as helping out with pastoral work at Global Church, they are visiting and supporting people in prison. Their vision is to see Kingdom growth through church planting and sharing the gospel message with both the Balinese people and the large expatriate population which lives in Bali.

I guess we all know that if we sow, we will reap a harvest and that God magnifies what we do.

We feel we are opening up a connection between ourselves and the mission in Bali. We are going to be looking with great interest at how their work develops. It is great to have this feeling of connection and interest in something that is happening in another land. Our lives are already enriched through this contact.

Some of us hope that maybe next year we can go on a mission trip to Bali and see and experience firsthand what this mission is doing. If you’re a part of CityLife Church and are interested in joining a missions trip in 2017 to any of CityLife’s missions partners, the trips brochure can be found here.

– Harris