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Hope in the Hills

Robyn & I made a trip to Bali in July 2019 to visit Adrian & Jo Murley.  It was an opportunity for us to catch up with them and experience what their ministry is like. From their outreach in Nusa Dua (provincial capital of Bali) to the Hope School for the Compassion Kids Program & Water Tanks Projects up the mountains in Munduk, we had a look at all the things that they’re doing.

Church Bell Rings

In November of 2018, I led a team of 11 people from CityLife’s Knox, Casey and Manningham sites on a

2018 Missions Trip to the Czech Republic

In July this year, a team from CityLife Church went to the Czech Republic on a short term missions trip.

Showing the Father’s Love in Myanmar

Myanmar is a country situated in the ASEAN region with a population of approximately 60 million people and over 150

Missions Trip Orientation

CityLife World Impact offers a very interesting and comprehensive training program for CityLife members going on a mission trip to visit one of our missions partners. However, I found that even if you are not planning to go on a mission trip right now, the orientation course can still be invaluable. I’m looking to go on a mission trip next year and I found this training really good preparation.

This is an extremely well-organised course delivered in two three-hour sessions over successive Saturday mornings. The presenters from World Impact are first class. They don’t just give you information about mission. They impart the spirit of it.

Missions Trip to Cambodia – Dec 2016 (Pt1)

Every year CityLife Church sends teams of our members to visit our missions partners all around the world. These teams work together with our local partners to be a blessing to the local communities. For more information about our missions trips, visit this page.


In December 2016, a team made up of members from our Manningham and Knox congregations, led by Youth Pastor U-Wen, left on a missions trip to Cambodia. Here’s the first of their updates from the field.

We’ve been in Cambodia for two days now, and everyone has settled in very well. I am thoroughly impressed with the calibre of young men and women on this trip – everyone has conducted themselves with excellence, and they are already beginning to step outside their comfort zones, encountering God and discovering more about themselves along the way.

Life Group Adopts Bali Mission


New Life Group shows it’s never too soon or too small to make a start supporting missions…

Hi, we are very small new Life Group (Raymond, Mark, Jackie and Harris) at CityLife Church but we believe in giving practical expression to our Christianity. That’s part of our philosophy of being a Life Group and so we are supporting CityLife World Impact.

We know there are many other Life Groups which have been doing this on a much bigger scale for much longer  than us, but I guess our message is,  “It’s never too soon or too small to make a start.”

My Experience in Cambodia

As an introverted, highly organised and unadventurous person, stepping out of my comfort zone without knowing exactly how things would

Love Cambodia – A Journey of Faith

For most, the decision to go on a missions trip is not an easy one.  It requires a level of