WI Cafe

Our wonderful WI café team started the first hot meal offering for the year on 9th March 2024. The day started at 3pm for our volunteer chief chefs, Grace and Lynda, and by the time the volunteers who were rostered to help turned up at 3.30pm, pre-preparation was already done. There was a safety and food-handling induction by Lynda and the team was in action straight away. The tasks vary from soaking bee hoon(vermicelli noodle) in the cold water, cutting onions, cabbage and carrots, preparing ‘Kam Heong’ chicken and omelette and frying chicken nuggets and chips. It was hard work but there was pure joy on the faces of all involved when 60 fried ‘Bee Hoon with Kam Heong’ Chicken (which literally means fried rice vermicelli with golden fragrant chicken) packs were made and delivered on time to the WI café in the Marquee for selling together with chicken nuggets and chips.

The yummy hot meal packs and nuggets and chips were sold out within half an hour and probably all who were involved may not have realised that their efforts will bring a smile to someone; thousands of kilometres away from CityLife Knox once the funds collected reaches the field partners for planting churches and restoring communities, fulfilling the great commission. Below are some comments from the volunteers who helped in the kitchen.

My wife and I enjoyed ourselves working with a bunch of God centred people. Our mission was clear, our leadership was very strongly focused on making the most delicious food. The bee hoon set was yummy (definitely got ‘wokhei’). Chicken was tender and the omelette complemented nicely. The amount for $15 was ample so much so that we shared 1 box. Yes, we had a great time. God is good!👍 – Patrick

Had a first-hand participation in the WI cafe yesterday, was amazed by the huge team that is involved in running this mission. The serving team and the cooking team and the bread team, all worked so well together to raise money for an important cause. I feel good to be able to contribute to such a wonderful activity. – Teik

WI café is planning to sell hot meals throughout the year on most Saturdays, if anyone like to volunteer in cooking meals or helping in the food preparation as an individual or as a life group, please contact us on World.Impact@citylife.church