Water tanks, schools and visitors from home

CityLife Church has missions partners working in 9 regions of the world. In January 2017, Adrian & Jo Murley with their daughter Beth went out from our church community to minister in Bali. Here’s an update from them on some of the things they have done this year…

There are many thing happening but we just want to share one aspect that Jo and Beth had the opportunity to be involved in. When I have bought CityLife Short Term Teams to Bali we have either built or contributed to building water tanks in Munduk in Nth Bali. Earlier this year Jo and Beth got to build a tank. Not only did they enjoy the blessing that comes from seeing a family so happy to just receive water, but they also enjoyed some cold Bali weather (had to put jumpers on at night) and local, homemade cooking which is the absolute best. Just ask anyone who has been on a team with me.

The tanks themselves (background of first picture above) take 4 days to build and cost around $400. Over the years the Christian involvement in this small community through the amazing work of John & Made Stevens has seen about 60 tanks built. They also have that amount on a waiting list to be built currently.

As well as the tanks they also have built a community centre that does kinder and primary teaching in the mornings.

Secondly, we were blessed last year with the donation of funds to purchase a motorbike. This has been and is our only form of transport here and it has been amazing to have. As you would appreciate, motorbikes are very convenient to get around on but aren’t the best form of transport in certain situations especially when it’s raining. When it rains here, it really rains. Also they aren’t the best when you need to pick up goods or people from the airport. Having said that I have had 4 people on the bike at one time. No room for luggage though…lol

Our long term goal is to be able to raise enough funds to purchase a car. Second hand prices sit around the AUD 10,000 range and new is about AUD 20,000. New does allow us to make a part payment with monthly instalments whereas second had doesn’t. This is a huge amount when you put this against our living budget for the whole year of only AUD 25,000. We would really love for you to pray for us and pray into this need. We know this is a huge amount and will be a long-term goal but we know God can do this. On top of just getting a car we also need favour with neighbours to arrange where we may be able to park. We don’t have car access to our house so we need to park on the street and that’s on someone else’s property which we would need pay them for. Your prayers for both these things are much appreciated.

Finally, we have had a few CityLife people visit us. Jesse Moyes stayed one night as she was on her way to visit Rayma in Kupang, and David & Nellie Yip from CityLife Manningham were here for about 5 days and we had the great pleasure of showing them some of the things we are doing. For us this has been so encouraging as we didn’t realise how much we would miss our home church family. We open then to you an invitation anytime to come and see what God is doing here in Bali and we would love to share that with you. It also would be great just seeing you guys.

Blessings from us all and make sure you give our boys (Jack, Zeke & Josh) a big hug from us.

Adrian, Jo & Beth