Generosity During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global crisis leaving no nation untouched. Everyone’s daily rhythm has been dramatically affected and many are faced with great difficulties.

In spite of the many challenges, many individuals are ‘stepping out’ with acts of generosity and care for others. Many member of our congregation are taking the effort to connect with those who have been negatively affected, isolated and in need of a helping hand.

God is sovereign and He is in control. This is a time to lean into God for peace, and His faithfulness will carry us through. On the other side of this is greater strength.

CityLife is responding to these times, livestreaming weekend services, worship & prayers, Life Groups etc. Our mission partners are also exploring creative new ways to connect with their teams and communities.

Our mission partners in Bali, Adrian & Jo recently started livestreaming their weekend services and weekly ‘Worship & Chat’ meetings to connect with the locals in Bali, friends and supporters overseas. When he first started doing this, Adrian used an 8 year old MacBook Pro that could not really handle the demand; it was unreliable and there were a lot of glitches. This is definitely not sufficient as they were anticipating that livestreaming would be a way of doing church for some time to come.

His Support Leader, Ernest Wong took the initiative to write to their supporting Life Groups about this situation. They responded very generously. Within 2 weeks, the total donations raised allowed Adrian to purchase a new laptop and the necessary livestreaming equipment.

Praise God that for those who are continually sowing into our global mission as a chuurch. Together we are impacting communities, cities and nations.