One Heart Church – Canggu

One Heart Church has been invited to assume responsibility of a small outreach project in another expat community in Bali. The project is essentially a missional community of 20-40 people who are looking for pastoral leadership, a church connection and legal covering.

The outreach project or missional community was started by former Global Church members – Tristan and Kimberly Harvey. It thus has a strong historical connection to many of the One Heart Church members. Just over a year ago, the Harveý’s decided to start an outreach in Canggu to the North of Denpasar. Tristan teaches in an international school in Canggu. Because of the international school and the presence of an expatriate club, there is a large expat community of over 10,000 living in Canggu. The expats are mostly there as long term residents, and they all live close together in this small suburb near the beach. Tristan, Kim and their children also live there. Until the Harveys started this outreach, the suburb had no church community. The Harveys have now birthed a missional community in Canggu of well over 20-40 people who meet every Sunday afternoon, sometimes for fellowship, and other times for informal worship, bible study and discussion. They also have a meal together at a local restaurant/club.

Last month, while I was in Bali, Tristan and Kimberly shared with Adrian, the Abbalove Bali team and me how they would like to pass the baton of leadership over this community to One Heart Church. The trigger for this is that they may be returning to the United States after Tristan’s school contract expires in one year. The connection would also give the outreach a legal covering in Indonesia as part of One Heart Church under Abbalove Bali. Adrian and the Abbalove team were very excited by this idea and they felt it would be a great opportunity for One Heart Church, I have also agreed with their assessment. Since then Adrian and Tristan have been meeting and planning how to make the transition.

The transition commenced on August 5 coinciding with Paulos Djini’s visit from Australia. Tristan will continue to be involved for the next 12 months, with One Heart Church assuming pastoral leadership, and Abbalove Bali providing the legal covering. The Canggu community will continue to meet at 4:30 – 6:00 on Sunday with a meal afterwards. This time complements the existing One Heart Church service further south in the Novotel Hotel in Nusa Dua. They meet 10:00 am on Sunday morning. Adrian and Tristan have also been exploring alternative venues for the afternoon meeting in Canggu to meet to give the community some longer term presence, certainty and continuity in Canggu.

– Andrew