A Child Raised from the Dead

– by Harris

Ministering in Cambodia is like “living in the time of the Book of Acts”

CityLife Church’s missions partners, New Life Fellowship in Phnom Penh has a vision to be a positive influence in every sector of Cambodian society; to be a model and a resource centre for planting churches in all 24 provinces of Cambodia and to send Cambodians as missionaries to other countries. In addition, they are passionate about ministering to the poor through the New Life Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organisation.

Here’s a story from their ministry…

Raising a Child from the Dead

Living in Cambodia can make you feel like you’re living in the Book of Acts. There are miraculous encounters, healing, and deliverance and all these things have become very commonplace.

A while back I asked one of our pastors out in the rural areas, “So how’s it going with your church?”.

He just very casually, nonchalantly, said, “Yeah, it seems good. It seems like people are a lot more interested, especially since God used me to raise that little girl from the dead the other day.”

I said, “What! God raised a little girl from the dead and you didn’t even bother to give us a call or tell us!”

This little girl had meningitis and was very ill. She was at home and they had done everything they could to treat her, and there was nothing more they could do. She was lying on the bed, she went pale and they couldn’t detect any breath in her. The parents, at that moment, realised she was gone and started weeping. The pastor happened to be walking past and said, “What’s the problem, maybe I can help.”

He called a couple of his leaders and began to pray for the little girl, colour came back into her face, and life came back into her. She started breathing again and sat up.

Today she’s a happy little girl who loves Jesus.

Stories like this have become very, very common across the country. I could probably share hours and hours and hours of these events that are regularly occurring. All the glory to God.

To find out more about New Life Fellowship’s ministry in Cambodia, visit their Facebook page Cambodia Outreach.