Breaking Poverty

In addition to reconciling people to God, one of our major objectives at CityLife International Church in Ethiopia has been empowering people to overcome poverty. Poverty is a day to day challenge for millions of people in Ethiopia. We minister to a lot of people who live in extreme poverty.

In 2014, we conducted a three day seminar entitled ‘Creating Jobs & Breaking Poverty’.  It was a very practical three day seminar with workshops, testimonies and coaching.  It was meant to unlock people’s potential by convincing them that God has placed in side of them enormous potential and capacity.

Jirata and his wife Zeritu were one of the many people that attended the seminar.  At the time, this couple were receiving some financial help form our church.  They both have attended the CityLife International Church – Burayu congregation. Being motivated by the seminar, they both started a small restaurant with the help of few individuals who helped them with small capital expenses.

Jirata & Zeritu both worked very hard to provide the best service to their customers. In a very short time, their small restaurant became very popular, often serving up to 300 people in a day. In two years, they made enough money to build their own house and fully furnish it.

Jirata stretched his faith and started praying and saving money to purchase a truck and a trailer to start a transportation business. He drew a picture of a truck and a trailer, then placed it in his bedroom where he could see it every morning.  He focused on his goal and kept working very hard at it. In 2017, Jirata’s vision became a reality – he imported a truck from Italy and began the process of buying a trailer.

Jirata’s vision does not stop here, he has a dream to construct a four star hotel with outstanding service in Burayu. His desire is to create more employment opportunities to others in his church.

It is such an incredible blessings to see Jirata & Zeritu thrive as a result of the ministry they receive at CityLife International Church in Burayu, Ehiopia.

– Paulos