Larger Space Better Access

The year was 2009, when the Lord opened a door for us to pioneer an urban church in partnership with CityLife Church. We knew that this partnership was God ordained and that this church plant was strategic for many reasons. This city is the gateway to the Northwest region of our country. As the Christian author Peter Wagner says, ‘it is important to reach the cities with the gospel before we can reach the region for Jesus Christ‘.  This region is also known as the world’s single largest unreached region. As such God planted us in this city and helped us to influence this region for the gospel for the past 12 years.

After gathering in our house for eight months, CityLife Church helped us with the necessary finances to lease a building for the public launch of our church. God gave us great growth over the years. We baptized 187 people during this period and commissioned more than 28 evangelists and pastors to pioneering ministries in different parts of our region. Hundreds of believers who were discipled and equipped in our church have migrated to many parts of the world and are being used by the Lord in their sphere of influence. From the very beginning God gave us a heart for international students mainly from different African nations studying in our universities in the region. We baptized more than 20 students from Africa and have equipped several hundreds of them to go back to their nation to be Kingdom professionals or business leaders. God attested to the ministry of the Word each weekend through signs, wonders and miracles.

Previous Meeting Space

Our church has been praying for a larger space with a more accessible location for the past four years as we had reached a bottleneck at our present location. The meeting space was very limited and restricted our growth, the location was congested due to the businesses in the neighbourhood, there was no parking space and the building was developing cracks (a safety an concern). We prayed and sought the Lord fervently for a new place. It was very difficult to obtain a leased location that suited our budget. One major obstacle was the unwillingness of landlords because of our professed faith.

God miraculously provided a suitable place in the month of August this year. By faith, without having a penny in pocket, we gave the advance money and booked the place. Today, as I write this report, we have completed the legal registration of the lease for the next six years with a two year lock in period, we have partitioned the space to allow room for children’s church, a small office space and completed the drop ceiling work, painted the building and installed all new air conditioning units believing that God will provide for our needs.

We are set to begin worship in this new location from October 2021. At this juncture we need your prayers and financial assistance to pay the bills and pay its rent, utility bills and provide financial support to our full time and part time ministry team members. We believe that our move to this new location will aid the growth and multiplication of our church.

Thank you CityLife Church for providing ongoing prayer, encouragement, training and resources to see this city and region reached with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

– *Benny


*Note: Name changed to protect the security of our field partner