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DFN – Finding Hope and a Future

*Satya was just 11 years old when tragically, her baby brother died. Although devastated at losing the little boy she

DFN: Realising Undreamed Dreams

Behind each and every cap and gown is a story of hope!

DFN: Mourning Turned to Joy

With poverty comes hopelessness. With the inability to provide comes desperation. Orphaned at a young age, *Jyva’s relatives decided to

DFN: Telehealth Clinics for Rural Communities

We are delighted to announce that we now have 44 functioning telehealth clinics, providing healthcare and social support for impoverished

DFN – Jaya’s Story

At just 14, Jaya’s life shattered. Poor and illiterate, her family faced a financial crisis exacerbated by job loss due

DFN – COVID-19 Crisis in India

Headlines across the world scream of the unfolding humanitarian disaster that is occurring in India. Deaths have just passed 200,000

DFN Christmas Appeal

As we approach Christmas after a year of unanticipated challenges, we are well and truly ready to celebrate the reason