Pray for Unreached People Groups and Nations

World Impact  Mission 

Empowering churches across cultures to impact unreached people for the Kingdom of God.

World Impact’s Vision and Strategy

To partner with and help empower 10 Church Planting movements who will plant more than 100 churches to impact over 20 Unreached people groups by 2015.

Gypsy of Iran

World Impact is actively mobilising people and resources to empower churches in some of the poorest, least unreached and most persecuted parts of the world to fulfil our vision to have a kingdom impact among 20 Unreached Peoples Groups by 2015.

We would like to encourage and mobilize more intercessors to pray for the Unreached People Groups. You can partner with us in this aspect.

Some Prayer points for the Unreached:-

1. Pray for open doors so that missionaries will be able to take the Gospel to the Unreached Groups.

2. Pray for the necessary resources to effectively convey the Gospel to the Unreached, with Bibles and  literatures in the indigenous languages.

3. Pray for supernatural/extraordinary manifestations of God among such groups (revelations, dreams, visions, healing, etc).

4. Pray that God would raise up more people within that Unreached Group to build a strong church among their own community.

5. Pray for perseverance despite persecution.

6. Pray for a new day of religious liberty. Daniel 6:25-27

Through your involvement we are continuing to impact different cultures and communities across the globe!