I’ve never seen involuntary baptism/sprinkling/washing

There are just so many things one would see when on a daily market shop.

I was parking the bike this morning outside my regular outdoor market and as I was doing so, noticed an elderly husband/wife “busker”.

As per normal, anything outside of the ordinary always draws a crowd here in the Jing.

Anyway, as I broke through the crowd JUST to get into the market, I noticed that there was another lady holding a water bottle and what seemed like washing the elderly lady busker’s hair?

As I paused to take a closer look, the lady WAS ACTUALLY sprinkling water over the lady’s head and was “baptising” her. If you didn’t know what baptism or sprinkling was, you would think that the lady was just washing the elderly busker’s hair….

Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear what the lady was speaking/praying over the lady as the couples music was pretty loud.

It was certainly a sight I have never before seen.

Any thoughts?

Obviously the lady was “evangelising” but hopefully in a positive light…

The lady busker wasn’t sure what to make of it, as she had a puzzled look like….what the heck are you doing splashing water on/over my head…is it because I haven’t washed in a few days/weeks?

Just another “normal” occurance in the Jing…



P.S. Sorry folks….have to remember to take pics next time so it’s more visual for you visual people out there…(I’m one of them)