Raising Funds for China Missions

I was sitting a in a coffee shop a few days ago catching up with a few like minded colleagues talking about how things were moving along in all our various ministries. It is always an encouraging time to listen and dialogue with friends in the ministry. These times are where we would help one another, reflect, input and give perspective.

The topic we got on to was, how does a mission worker working in China continue to raise funds for missions in China within their own church. Gone are the days of the cultural revolution where house church leaders were martyred, persecuted and tortured for their faith. Somehow sharing stories like those would almost always invoke emotion and challenges towards giving to the cause.

As we continue on in the 21st century, you don’t hear many of these grueling stories anymore. We’re all not sure whether it’s all been covered up so well, OR that it doesn’t happen as violently anymore. All that happens now is that the leaders are put under house arrest. House arrest means that you are not allowed to leave your house. AT ALL. One of the house leaders that has been in the news lately has pretty much not left his house for just under 1 year.

I guess these are the new type of stories that will invoke continuous giving towards the projects in China.
You definitely get a better understanding and perspective when you meet with them(in however way you manage to meet).

We wished that more followers of Christ would take that step of faith to actually come onto the field and experience what it’s like on the ground. There’s something that God does when you get to the grass-roots of ministry.

Here is an interview with the senior pastor of the Haidian Church- Largest Three Self Church in Beijing, China