No Boundaries in COVID-19

COVID-19 surprised us as it did the whole world. Within a week, we had to close all of our services and begin the online service only. However, the Bible says all things work together for good to them who love God. Today, in retrospect, I can say that the last three months have been a season of growth for us. The people of Prague, Czech Republic have enjoyed much more time with themselves and this has also provided the opportunity to reflect with God. During the Pandemic, several people approached us with requests for Baptism, and as soon as the law allowed, we held a water baptism. It was at our home; we organised a garden party and invited the congregation and all our neighbours. Our new BBQ, which Hana and I received as a wedding gift from CityLife Church World Impact Team, was christened with Czech Republics finest steaks and it did a fine job that afternoon. It was the first public event after the release from restrictions.

Five people decided to confirm their determination to follow Jesus with Water Baptism. As a direct result of these 5 people, many others heard the Gospel through the testimonies of these five who chose to live with Jesus Christ.

On the first Sunday of August, I received an invitation from several churches in Germany to lead an Evangelical Outreach event that took place by a lake close to the Czech Border. This was a historic moment because political and social relations between the Czechs and Germans haven’t been as good as they could have been. This is because in part, the forcible displacement of German families that were near the border after World War II.

We prayed for beautiful spring weather for the open-air event and God put on a show with a little precipitation in the morning that disappeared when the team setup, to the storm that broke out just after we packed everything up. For most part, the day was beautiful and sunny, praise God.We had 150 attend from German churches and at least another 100 that were in the vicinity as visitors to the lake and national park.

Our mission worker, Jaro, and his band served as the worship team. Jaro’s background is that he is a Roma musician (itinerant) who we commissioned to Germany where he works among Arabian refugees, singing and spreading the Gospel of the Lord wherever he goes.

I briefly shared about ‘Jesus the Light of the World’ with a call for anyone who was asking for prayer to step forward at the conclusion. The first woman to come forward was a Slovakian woman who married in Germany. She was on vacation and visiting at the lake when she heard someone speaking in her native tongue. She gave her life then and there to Jesus Christ. I prayed with people for more than an hour at the end. Many people were healed, some returned to God’s service, others were filled with the Holy Spirit. The local pastors were encouraged and enthused by the events that transpired that day. It was clear that people were starving and yearning for the word of God. The local newspaper even wrote a positive piece and can be viewed here except it’s in German.

Both of these events and the current atmosphere in the church show me that during the pandemic, people have become much more open spiritually and are seeking God. I look forward to what God will continue to do.

Bubik Stanislav


No Boundaries Church – Prague
CityLife Missions Partner