Another Egypt

So what comes to mind when you picture Egypt? Is it camels and pyramids, sand and tourists? Or perhaps it conjures up images of lost treasures buried in the sand.

On a recent trip to Egypt, as I traveled around Cairo and one of the smaller towns, I was confronted by the fact that this is a land filled with innumerable stories accumulated through thousands of years of history. Monumental pyramids that have stood here since before Abraham came to Egypt, ancient aqueducts, giant citadels on hilltops, historical churches and mosques. What an amazing country and people!

Meeting up with Deb, who works with DUET (Development Upper Egypt Trust) to improve the living standards of rural communities in Upper Egypt, we traveled 3 hours by train to one of the communities that she has been working with for the past 2 years. Some of the homes in this village had only recently had electricity connected into their homes, the rest have none. Up until now they have been relying on bore water hand-pumped to the surface for their daily use, however this ground water is gradually becoming contaminated. So we were there to see if we could help fund water connections into some of the homes from the water mains running past the village.

It was truly moving to see what an impact Deb has had on these people by the way their faces lit up when they saw her and the looks of gratitude she received from those who were able to get electricity connections because of her efforts on their behalf. Most of these people live in very challenging circumstances and for Deb to move out of her comfort zone, halfway across the world to stand for them means a great deal. Deb’s passion for them is truly challenging and inspiring.

– Winston