Middle East Update

After 18 months of instability since the Egyptian 25 January 2011 Revolution, President Morsy from the Muslim Brotherhood was elected.

I feel there is more of a settling down but it may be because people are frankly exhausted from continuous protests.  Protests have been about: the scarcity of butane gas that many use for cooking in their homes; about low wages; against corrupt managers; regarding water shortages; against military trials for civilians; the list goes on and on.

The settling down could also be because many who are not happy have left the country and the Muslim Brotherhood is slowly consolidating its power.

My work at DUET continues.  Last week I travelled down south to view some income generating projects for our donor.  I find it quite encouraging to see how a little loan can make a difference and the following is just one example.

Girgis and his tuk tuk

Girgis Samir Labib took out a loan, equivalent to about $500, to pay off his financial partner for the second-hand tuk tuk – a motorised rickshaw that takes paying passengers.  Working as a tuk tuk driver from 7am to 7pm most days enables him to stay in his village and support his wife and two children.  Otherwise, he would have to leave his family to find work in Egypt’s larger towns and cities etc. (Many villagers even go to Gulf countries for work).  Girgis suffered from polio when he was younger and has difficulty walking so being a tuk tuk driver suits him.  Plus, he is happy with the income he makes.

Please pray for Egypt:

  • As Christians are becoming pessimistic about Egypt’s future and want to leave.
  • For the choosing of the next Coptic Orthodox Pope of Egypt.  That he will be the right one to lead the 8 million Coptic Christians at such a time as this.
  • That all perpetrators regarding sectarian clashes are consistently brought to account.

Many thanks for your continued prayers and support.

– Deborah