Partnering for the Long Haul

CityLife has been in partnership with Vakar in South Asia since 1996, since that time his ministry has planted 166 churches. Even in the current season, church planting continues and they are looking forward to many hundred more.

Vakar’s team has ministered to entire communities of people through various programs that support the poor and needy. One significant program that CityLife supported was an Adult Literacy Project that helped to transform thousands of lives. Running for Shoes was another project that helped people experience the love of Jesus. As a result of the funds raised, thousands of children were blessed with shoes; for many of them this was the first pair of shoes.

Vakar’s country was very badly effected by COVID-19 with hundreds of thousands of people losing their lives. Many members of Vakar’s churches were also impacted and people both within the church congregations and in the surrounding community were in dire need. God opened a door through one of the CityLife’s other field partners in Asia. He came forward with a network of many small churches behind him to help meet the need for medical kits specifically geared towards helping those infected with COVID-19. They donated AUD 40,000 and many thousands of people in the communities that Vakar operates in received these medical kits. As Vakar’s team distributed the kits, they also prayed for the sick, as a result many came to understand the love of Christ through this gesture of support.

Vakar is thankful to God for all that has happened through these COVID relief operations and would like to say a big, ‘THANK YOU’ to CityLife Church and our partner in Asia for our support and help.