Evangelism definitely exists here in Beijing!!!

Was just on a bus home last week from the shops and saw a young girl get on the bus with her friends. Didn’t think much of it until the next stop, when an elderly lady got on and sat next to her. Not knowing when the elderly lady was going to get off, I listened in on their conversation….

She began with the usual, how are you, where are you going etc…but eventually started to share about God and Jesus and pretty much shared The Gospel…

The elderly lady was very interested and was asking lots of questions, but her stop was coming up. The young girl then slipped a tract into the elderly lady’s hands as well as a pink slip. I recognised that pink slip!!

That was the information to the Haidian Church. The official Three Self Church in Beijing.

It was really encouraging to see them evanglise discreetly, but openly…

Be blessed….