DFN: Telehealth Clinics for Rural Communities

We are delighted to announce that we now have 44 functioning telehealth clinics, providing healthcare and social support for impoverished

Self-Care During COVID-19

From early 2020 until today, the world has been in a season of great challenge and change as COVID-19 surged

Larger Space Better Access

The year was 2009, when the Lord opened a door for us to pioneer an urban church in partnership with

Supporting Kathy Together

We met Kathy from South Asia and were very touched by her story and passion to serve God in a

Kingdom Financial Sustainability

World Impact’s Kingdom Financial Sustainability (KFS) team conducted their first ever Business as Missions (BAM) Workshop on 3rd July 2021.

COVID Relief with Doc

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in several countries has largely affected every sphere of people in the world. CityLife’s field

Partnering for the Long Haul

CityLife has been in partnership with Vakar in South Asia since 1996, since that time his ministry has planted 166

DFN – Jaya’s Story

At just 14, Jaya’s life shattered. Poor and illiterate, her family faced a financial crisis exacerbated by job loss due

DFN – COVID-19 Crisis in India

Headlines across the world scream of the unfolding humanitarian disaster that is occurring in India. Deaths have just passed 200,000

Brett & Justine

Farewell Brett & Justine

Our mission partnership with Brett & Justine Wiltshire began 14 years ago in 2006. CityLife has had a fruitful partnership