As we continue our journey of serving the communities through our ministry in India, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the profound power of prayer in our mission.

Recently, one of our pastors became suddenly paralysed and when he saw the Doctor, he was told that he will not be able to move for at least the next 6 months. We shared this prayer request with our World Impact Prayer team and God miraculously healed him within a week!

In another situation recently, we had a few of our pastors arrested by the police. They were being accused of falsely converting people and were summoned by the court. We shared this with the World Impact Prayer Team and as we all prayed together – in different countries across the world, they not only got the bail but the case against them was also completely dismissed! Praise God!

In the midst of our efforts, it is essential to recognize that prayer is not just a ritual but a potent force that can guide, protect, and uplift us in our endeavors. And Citylife’s partnership in supporting us through prayer is a great blessing for us and our ministry.

Your Prayers serves as a source of strength and solace during challenging times and as we encounter obstacles and setbacks along the way, we always remember that there are people like you all who are interceding with the Holy Spirit for us. Through your prayers, we find the courage to persevere, the wisdom to navigate difficulties, and the grace to extend compassion to others.

Thank you for faithfully committing to us and all the field partners in prayer! Your prayers make a difference in ways you may never know!

~Contributed by our Field Partner, Deepak