DFN: Realising Undreamed Dreams

Behind each and every cap and gown is a story of hope!

We are excited when we see graduations at our Good Shepherd Schools. Years of hard work culminate in the thrilling moment when students who might never have received an education walk across the stage.

Behind each and every cap and gown is a story of hope, made possible by the generosity of our partners.

Walking through the corridors of a university, *Deepthi is an enthusiastic student, striving to become a doctor. Her confidence and gentle smile light up a room. You would never guess the heartbreaking childhood that she experienced.

Raised in an impoverished family, Deepthi’s parents ran a small grocery store that provided a meager income. Her father struggled with alcoholism and was often drunk, while her mother suffered from ongoing illness, unable to afford treatment. Home was a place where domestic violence was frequent.

One of our team met her, and thankfully, Deepthi was open to sharing about her life.  With her mother’s blessing, she was brought to live in one of our shelters. She cried as she told her story and showed her scars. As she began to open up, emotional and physical healing began.

Deepthi flourished in her new, caring environment, no longer fearing for her life at someone else’s hands. She also discovered that she is a child of God.

Deepthi enrolled at one of our Good Shepherd Schools. She became an outstanding student, working towards her dream of becoming a doctor to help impoverished women like her mother. She graduated from Grade 10 with distinction!

Deepthi went on to study physics, chemistry, maths, and biology at a local university, earning the prerequisites to become a medical doctor. She was accepted into a university in Central Asia where she completed her studies.

Recently, we received a message from Deepthi:

Good afternoon. I am glad to say that I have graduated from Medical School. I cannot express my gratitude. It’s only because of your help that my dream became true. I can’t thank you enough. Yesterday I got my documents from the University so I booked my ticket to India and will arrive on Wednesday. I have attached my diploma and mark sheet below and also a few of my photos taken during graduation.

Today Deepthi is a beautiful, confident girl filled with hope for her future, and dreams of being not only a skilled doctor—but one filled with kindness and compassion for each person she treats.

During term 3, we invite teens across Australia to join our annual Youth Challenge, raising funds for girls in our schools like Deepthi, enabling them to pursue their dreams. Participating in our Youth Challenge helps students appreciate the privilege and importance of education. They learn of the vulnerabilities uneducated girls face and develop a sense of God’s heart for justice (Micah 6:8), the poor, exploited, and vulnerable. Teens discover they can make a difference in the lives of others.

To learn more about Youth Challenge and how you can be involved, visit our website or email info@dfn.org.au

*Name changed to protect identity and privacy