DFN – Jaya’s Story

At just 14, Jaya’s life shattered. Poor and illiterate, her family faced a financial crisis exacerbated by job loss due to the extended lockdown.  In desperation, they decided to dedicate Jaya into a horrific life of sexual slavery and abuse. She would become the ‘property’ of her village. Her destiny? To be used by any man, anywhere, any time. For the rest of her life.

Thankfully, our team heard of the imminent dedication and were able to prevent it.  With her family’s permission, Jaya was taken to a safe place where she would no longer fear the advances of self-seeking men. In our shelter home counsellors gently worked with Jaya, helping her process her fears and sense of betrayal. They prayed love into her soul. 

Jaya refused to let her past determine her future. As her heart healed, so did her mind. Jaya is back at school and progressing well, her favourite subject is Hindi. Jaya’s nightmares have been replaced by dreams – the foremost is to become a teacher.  Her greatest ambition however is to fight for others the way others fought for her; to ensure other vulnerable girls are empowered to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

There are thousands of little girls like Jaya facing a life of unimaginable horrors. Our team work to prevent these dedications, and to empower those already enslaved to find freedom and hope through healthcare, counselling, advocacy and support resulting hope and restoration.

We covet prayer for these marginalised and vulnerable women and children, for our team as they seek to be salt and light, and for our little team here on the ground. If you would like to receive our monthly prayer update, join our monthly virtual prayer night (September 21), information about your LG adopting DFN or register for our ‘Hope for the Jogini Girls’ dinners, please E: info@dfn.org.au


*Name changed to protect privacy and identity